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The Annual Feast of INFANT JESUS was celebrated on the 14th of January, 2014.
The solemn concelebrated mass was at 6.00.p.m.
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The Shrine and the Design

The Infant Jesus has been honored with a magnificent shrine at Carmel Hill, Mangalore. The architectural structure and design of the newly inaugurated shrine is unique in many ways. Carefully planned, it has a rich symbolic meaning and significance derived principally from Biblical themes, of both the old and the new testaments. Here below we give in brief its main features.

The general Structure:
Five huge columns encircle and uphold the main structure, while rising to a height nearly double that of the roof and converging under a globe atop of which is planted a luminescent Cross. While at the base the shrine is hexagonal, the roofing is pentagonal. The flooring is generally of marble, except for the aisle and the border along the walls which is granite. The wall itself is constructed of bare granite stones, skillfully chiseled. The columns and ceiling are solid concrete as also the overhead globe. The tubes for illumining the church are concealed; their light is reflected and diffused by the ceiling.

The basement surrounded by the five huge columns is intended to represent the palm of the hand of God, in accordance with the text of Isaiah, 'I have carved you on the palm of my hand'. And the five columns represent the fingers of this Hand converging towards the overhead globe which obviously symbolizes the universe. The Cross atop the globe is an indication and symbol that God's love has redeemed all humanity through Christ.

The Doors:
The Church may be entered by three doors, all of which are equally 'main' entrances: centre, right & left. The doors are all made of seasoned teak wood, into which familiar Biblical themes are represented. Over each of the doors too, part of the same theme is represented in 'krinklglas'.

On the door to the right of the centre, as one enters the Church the krinklglas above represents God the Father giving the law on Sinai while the door itself has a figure of Moses giving the law to the people. Here, there is of the Christian assembly.

The door at the centre has a representation of the Nativity scene whereas krinklglas above, pictures the Holy Spirit who overshadowed Mary. Over the door, viz. the one to the left, the krinklglas pictures the last trumpet to the final judgments. On the door itself Jesus is depicted at Emmaus; breaking bread for His two disciples. The Holy Sacrifice will be celebrated till the end of the world.

Flanking the doors:
Each of the doors is flanked by a grills with sketches of Carmelite Saints wrought into them. The door to the right has a frame for St Elias - the prophet - founder of the Carmelite Order and Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified - one of the foundresses of Mangalore Cloistered Carmel.

Flanking the Central door are representations of the two great Carmelite reformers (also mystics and doctors of the Church) – Sts. Teresa of Jesus and John of the Cross.

And the third door is flanked by grills wrought-in with images of the 'Little Rower' - Patroness of the missions and St Raphael Kalinowski - a Polish Carmelite.

The Windows:
There are eight windows on the grills of each of which is depicted a scene from the infancy of Jesus Annunciation, Visitation, Presentation, Journey of the Magi, Flight into Egypt, Jesus in the Carpenter's shop, the boy Jesus in the temple and the first miracle of Cana.

The ventilator grills above the windows contain scenes of the passion and glorification of Jesus and Mary.

Circular Krinklglas Frames:
There are five circular krinklglas frames built into the centre of the pentagonal structures supporting the roof. The central picture represents the Risen Lord, while the four others have symbolic representations of the four evangelists, in accordance with the book of Revelation: the 'lion' for St. Mark, the 'man' for St. Mathew, the 'calf’ for St. Luke and the 'eagle' for St. John.

The Sanctuary:
The Attar: The frontispiece represents the hands of God, sustaining the universe and the Cross marking the globe symbolizes the sacrifice that is celebrated on the altar for universal redemption.

The Crucifix is not elevated above the ground but planted on the floor of the Sanctuary to indicate 'God with us'. The image of the Crucified is a carving, all of one piece of teak. To the right of the altar is the Tabernacle and to the left is the Bible, symbolizing God's presence among us, in word and sacrament respectively. The 'ambo' and the tabernacle are cast in heavy metal, the latter displaying modern artistic forms representing 'life and light'.

There are two niches, one on the right and one on the left, for the statues of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and of the Infant Jesus respectively.

As the 'star' guided the Magi to Jesus in Bethlehem, so may this shrine draw people from East and West, North and South, over land and sea, to the Savior and Creator of mankind.


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You are welcome to benefit spiritually from the reflections of our Carmelite Friar - Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD

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Retreat preached at Ruwi – Muscat (Oman) from 20 to 24 January 2008

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Homilies preached on various occasions from 2007-2009 at St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai (now the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay) when he was Parish Priest.
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