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The Annual Feast of INFANT JESUS was celebrated on the 14th of January, 2014.
The solemn concelebrated mass was at 6.00.p.m.
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Miracles Reported

Heart stimulating testimony :
Miracles do occur. The fine morning of one certain Thursday found a new stimulating news which we are very glad to apprise you. This testimony is about a person named Mr.Robert, who was healed from his lungs ailment on a Thursday evening during the same time of Novena to Infant Jesus. Let us listen in his own words:


  • “I’m Mr. Robert, hailing from the western part of Mysore-India. From a long time I am associated with the Shrine. And especially now it is increasing further more because of one certain incident that took place recently in my life.

    Due to some reasons, I had stopped going to the Church and was hardly interested in Spiritual Matters. In the month of April, which was also the Holy Week, I suddenly developed an unknown pain, which I found unbearable. Immediately I was admitted to The Chitra’s Hospital and I was told that water content in excess has been collected near the lungs. And they tried their best to extract water by injecting in 3 places. But everything went in vain. The similar efforts were made on Monday, Tuesday and also on Wednesday but were of no avail. Dr.Kudri, who is the Specialist, asked me to undergo scanning. And it was found that water had transformed into fuss and it was not possible to drain it out by mere injecting but it was to be pumped out. Me, my wife and all at home were terribly afraid since this process was very risky, threatening the very life itself. On the morning of Maundy Thursday, I with my whole family went to the Shrine of Infant Jesus, situated in R.S. Naidu Nagar of Mysore and prayed earnestly to the Infant Jesus, and offered everything to Him alone.

    The Doctors treating me, took me to the Vikram Hospital for further check up and prepared me for the operation. It was Thursday, 4.30 in the evening. Fathers in Pushpashrama had told me that they would pray for me at the same time of my operation. I gave myself in the Precious Hands of the Infant who once saved the whole mankind. Believe me dear friends, the process was so successful that the formation of fuss in my lungs had miraculously taken the form of water and was pouring out as if that was the first attempt made by the doctors. Instantly, I was relieved of the severe pain and at this moment I felt the touch of Someone who is stirring me within and curing me completely.

    Praise be to You O Miraculous Infant Jesus for protecting me and restoring my life to the normal. Let the whole world say anything about me, but I will be with You because I know that You are always with me.

  • 15 young people had applied for their visas from Mysore to go to gulf and were eagerly waiting for it. One by one began to get the Visas except Mr. Arun. Even after three months of expectation he couldn't get the visa. He got disgusted and discouraged in life, found no meaning in going to the Church and praying. Hence he stopped all his religious practices. One fine Thursday evening, his mother who was a great devotee of Infant Jesus literally dragged her son to the feet of Infant Jesus at the Infant Jesus Shrine, Pushpashrama, Mysore. Mother and Son, both prayed for their intentions and went back home. Nobody could believe their ears when they all came to know that Mr Arun has received his visa the very next day, ie., Friday morning. Now both the mother and the son have great faith in Infant Jesus and are eternally grateful to Jesus who has heard his prayer.

  • Mr. Anthony Swamy was suffering from rheumatic fever for a very long time. Often he lost hope and scarcely believed that he would be cured. But it was an undeniable fact that he was a great devotee of Infant Jesus. He earnestly prayed to Infant Jesus at Pushpashrama, Mysore, during the Thursday Novena and believed that Jesus, who is the only greatest physician could heal him. He prayed and he got what he prayed. His belief turned into an experience. He went to the doctor who on next Tuesday certified that he is healed completely. Today he is enjoying good health that Infant Jesus has blessed him with.


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You are welcome to benefit spiritually from the reflections of our Carmelite Friar - Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD

Retreat preached on the theme “The Kingdom of God is at hand” at Abu Dhabi, from 26 November to 2 December, 2009.
Day 1: The Kingdom of God
Day 2: The Beatitudes
Day 3: The Seven Sacraments
Day 4: the Ten Commandments
Day 5: Holy Mother, the Church and Mother mary
Day 6A: Family
Day 6B: Love
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Retreat preached at Ruwi – Muscat (Oman) from 20 to 24 January 2008

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Homilies preached on various occasions from 2007-2009 at St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai (now the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay) when he was Parish Priest.
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